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Call Upon Him: An Examination of Prayers Throughout Scripture 

Author: Kathy Ashley


Call Upon Him: An Examination of Prayers Throughout Scripture 

Call Upon Him will encourage a deeper commitment to prayer through the Bible passages explored in within this book.


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Call Upon Him is an inspiring book to strengthen the habit of prayer. This book would be excellent for solo studies, or in small groups and book clubs. From the dying lips of an unknown leper, “Lord, if Thou wilt…” to the humble whisper of a prestigious king, “Grant me wisdom…,” prayer is that common thread that binds the human heart to its Creator. Scripture eternally recorded for us the petitions of those that looked to the God of Heaven for an answer. He is the same God now as He was then; He still desires for His people to call upon Him.

Kathy Ashley is a wife and mother of five, teacher, and loves to serve the Lord by serving others. Kathy is a teacher at heart, and her book will provide excellent guidance on how to remember to take care of ourselves by following principles of Scripture.

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All Scripture quotations are taken from the Holy Bible: King James Version.

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