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Keep the Heart is small press publisher with a big-hearted founder. Norman Henderson Taylor listened as his wife repeatedly told him, “Women keep asking me when am I going to get a website.” One day, as he was sitting in the home office paging through his Bible he landed on this verse:

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Keep the Heart was born that day.

Founded in February 2012 and headquartered in Pensacola, Keep the Heart LLC is 100% founder-owned. Norman passed away on September 15, 2017. During his final year, he knowingly instructed Francie how to continue the ministry-business of Keep the Heart. “Close the eMagazine. It’s too much for you to handle without me, but keep writing and publishing Bible studies and books.”

Originally, the website was just a landing spot for Francie’s conference calendar and blog. Over the years, the publishing arm developed and with God’s blessing we are writing as fast as possible. Keep the Heart has a team of extremely talented people working behind the scenes, helping Francie to do more with their gifted assistance than she could ever do alone.

We are committed to producing biblically sound study materials, making Bible study meaningful. Your purchase contributes to a publishing company run by a widow who loves the Lord, her family, and lives to serve others. Keep the Heart encourages women to develop a closer walk with God while facing the issues of life from a biblical perspective.


““My listeners always enjoy hearing from Francie, who has been a frequent guest on my show. She is always helpful with her soundbites of biblical wisdom.”
- Janice Wolfe, Host of eleven2one, Faith Music Radio


“Francie Taylor is unapologetically biblical, but also seasoned with grace, balanced with authenticity, and practical for every listener. God has taken Francie through many life-shaping seasons that have shaped her faith and her influence, and she stewards that influence to magnify Jesus Christ in the hearts of ladies around the world.”
-Pastor Cary Schmidt


“A widow who hasn’t allowed her deep loss to make her lose her passion for serving the Lord and helping ladies. Francie has a gift to connect biblical truth to ladies of all ages who are dealing with the difficult issues of today.”
- Dan Wolfe, Vice President, Faith Broadcasting International

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