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Secret Doubts: Working Through Unspoken Unbelief

Author:  Dr. Tim Zacharias


Secret Doubts: Working Through Unspoken Unbelief

In a book that is encouraging and relatable, Tim Zacharias leads readers on an journey through Psalm 73, a chapter in which the chief musician Asaph wrestles with his doubts about the goodness of God.

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We often quote from Psalm 73’s triumphant end, but we sometimes overlook the agony of its middle—and what it can teach us during our seasons of doubt or unbelief. In this raw revelation of doubt, Asaph expresses his moments of mistrust, and yet, he charts a path for victory and assurance. If you have ever wondered about the goodness of God or struggled to settle your heart on what your mind knows is true, this book is for you. Thought-provoking questions at the close of each chapter make this an excellent resource for individual study or ministry classes and small groups.

Tim Zacharias is a husband and father of four children. He and his wife, Stacie, have served the Lord together for over 30 years. Dr. Zacharias is the founding pastor of Community Baptist Church of Branford, Connecticut, and is now the Assistant Pastor at Campus Church in Pensacola, Florida. He has taught in many settings including Yale Law School where in 2012 he was privileged to teach a course on the Christian Principles of Early American Law.

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