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Tried Purified and Gold MP3



Are you going through a trial? The Bible teaches us that trials are actually “good for us. Learn how God uses trials to polish us and bring out the... More 

Gold Medal Motherhood MP3



Training children is a life time endeavor. As trainers of children we need to be careful not only with what we teach but how we teach it. If you... More 

Classy Lady or Brassy Lady MP3



A Scriptural study of contrasts between the classy, gracious godly woman and the brassy, harsh, brazen, woman. If you would like a CD disk of... More 

How are You Doing MP3



Are we setting the right example to the next generation of young ladies? We need to examine ourselves periodically to see how we’re really doing;... More 

A Peaceful Life MP3

CODE: a_apl01


As they say in the courtroom, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one.” Likewise, it is a Christian’s responsibility to know and to follow... More 

The Menace of Bitterness MP3

CODE: a_tmb01


Bitterness is a real menace to our spiritual and physical health. In fact, bitterness is to humans what D-Con is to rodents: a poison! In this lesson,... More 

The Jezebel Syndrome MP3

CODE: a_tjs01


Jezebel was an evil queen because of corrupt choices. We also run into problems in our lives today when our direction becomes infected by poor decisions.... More 

Heart Conditions MP3

CODE: a_htc01


God has a lot to say about the heart! In fact, the word “heart” appears 830 times in the King James Bible! In this lesson, we’ll look at... More 

Parenting Adult Children MP3

CODE: a_par02


When our children grow up, we have to learn how to work with them differently. They’re still our children, but as adults, they are in a different... More 

That Was Not In The Planner MP3

CODE: a_twn


How many of you have had something happen within the past year that was NOT in your planner? No matter what has happened in your life, God saw it coming.... More 

Running In The Wrong Direction mp3

CODE: a_rwd


RUNNING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION   We often think of other people when we hear the phrase "running from God," but how often are we guilty of the... More 

Lust or Love - A Dating Lesson MP3

CODE: a_lol


Lust or Love - A Dating Lesson It is normal for people to become interested in each other. The problems come when purity is sacrificed on the... More