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ICU: In Christ Unconditionally Old Testament Bible Study Leader Guide

Author: Francie Taylor


This seven-week women’s Bible study examines the lives of individuals from Scripture, considering their decisions and the relevance to our own lives. Participant Guides sold separately and require a Leader Guide. If doing a solo study, purchase the Leader Guide alone.

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Confidently lead others to grow closer to God through His Word with this 7-lesson series based on the real lives of individuals from the Old Testament. Each lesson provides the leader with the same content that appears in the participant’s copy, plus engaging prompts, instructions, Scripture passages to read aloud, and closing notes. ICU combines information with application, making this Bible study relevant and beneficial.

This ladies' Bible study is flexible by design and practical for any adult learning level. You can use ICU for Sunday school classes, study groups, discipleship, or personal devotions. For group studies, purchase the Participant Guides along with the Leader Guide. If this series is for personal Bible study, the Leader Guide alone is sufficient. Finally, a Bible study that won't leave you wondering what to do with what you've learned!

Author: Francie Taylor

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