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Jun 23, 2017
Keep The Heart

Keep The Heart

Francie Taylor

Keep The Heart - Francie Taylor

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. (Proverbs 4:23)

Personal Bio

Biography of Frances ("Francie") Marie Taylor

Mrs. Francie Taylor is a ladies' conference teacher and author from First Baptist Church of Rosemount, Minnesota. Francie was saved during a job interview in June of 1977, and has been serving the Lord with her life as a teacher since 1992. Known for both wit and wisdom, Francie delights her listeners with her transparent observations from everyday interactions while challenging and encouraging women to yield to God's principles for living.

In addition to her primary roles as wife and mother, Francie teaches at the Sword Ladies' Jubilees (annual ladies' conferences sponsored by Sword of the Lord Publishers) as well as teaching at many other ladies' conferences and retreats.

She has also written four books, published by Sword of the Lord. Mrs. Taylor is a regular speaker at her home church's annual Ladies' Extravaganza, where she teaches "The Titus Woman's Workshops." Francie's husband Norman is a businessman, a deacon and Couples' Sunday school teacher. The Taylors have been married since 1982 and have three young adult children.

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Published Works

Books / Booklets:

1. Ten Traps of Television

2. Teachers of Good Things

3. A Safe Haven

4. Sister Friends

CD Sets:

1. The Titus Woman

2. Homemade Happiness